Penelope Thwaites
A Grainger Discography

*“Grainger‘s gems are poetry for Thwaites..... her own individual style is marked by a genuine clarity and beauty of tone.”  THE MELBOURNE AGE

**“Rarely has the precociousness of his talent been better demonstrated than on this new disc.... the rarities, like the more familiar pieces, are played with unapologetic conviction.  Penelope Thwaites, a Grainger advocate since well before the current boom, paints the music in bold strokes.... a major contribution to the Grainger discography.” FANFARE

“A wonderful album of Grainger's solo piano music.... her devotion to his art shines out of her playing.” BBC CD REVIEW 9th February 2002

“As perhaps Grainger's most passionate advocate, Penelope Thwaites’s playing has the fullest measure of intensity, style and commitment with an abundance of wistfulness, humour and lyricism....”  HAMPSTEAD EXPRESS 8th February 2002

“A Pair of Aces..... it would be hard to imagine more sympathetic performances than these.”  BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

“Inspirited and polyphonically radiant performances”   THE TIMES

“A real tonic, this, and unexpectedly stimulating.... superbly poised and concentrated advocacy.” - THE GRAMOPHONE

*“(Hill) gives magnificent performances, and is matched by Penelope Thwaites who seems unerringly to make sense of the idiosyncratic piano parts.”  GRAMOPHONE (Editor’s Choice)

“Thwaites is on terrific form.”  CLASSIC CD

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A Profile on Penelope Thwaites in "For A Change" magazine

PERCY GRAINGER (1882-1961): Grainger Edition, Volume 10 - Green Bushes, Let's Dance Gay in Green Meadow, In Bristol Town, English Dance, Zanzibar Boat Song, "The Widow's Party" March, Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon, Jutish Medley, Harvest Hymn, Country Gardens, Random Round, The Keel-Row, The Warriors. Grainger produced multiple piano/multiple pianist versions of many of his works, enjoying the possibilities for clear delineation of independent lines and full, quasi-orchestral textures thus presented. A large number of works which also exist in versions for anything from solo piano up to full orchestra are here presented on massed pianos, and highly appealing, not to say revealing, the results can be. Everything is admirably clear, and although the sinister aspect of some of the works is subdued - the fully written-out arrangement of Random Round is an example, and The Warriors is less primitive here than in full orchestral dress - Grainger's enormous skill as composer, often ignored nowadays, is stunningly apparent. Penelope Thwaites, Wayne Marshall, John Lavender, Rhondda Gillespie, Antony Gray, Barry Peter Ould (pianos).

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