Alphabetical Index of other Composers’ Music
in arrangements* or editions by

Listing compiled by Barry Peter Ould,
Music Archivist of the Percy Grainger Society

*This area of Grainger's output still needs a lot of attention to bring some order to it.  Many of the pieces were made by Grainger for teaching purposes and the instrumental material he wrote out is sometimes found in different manuscript forms.  Some of this material has yet to be collated so that all the pieces can be annotated correctly.  The major problems exist with the English Gothic Music Series which Grainger worked as joint editor with Dom Anselm Hughes.  Some of their choral editions were published in the USA by G. Schirmer, NY and Schott & Co., London and in recent years the copyrights of these for Europe and the Commonwealth were transferred to Bardic Edition whilst the American versions still remain in copyright for some time to come.  Many of these works appear in versions for both wind and string ensembles which Grainger states can also be used with the choral versions but as there are no full scores for any of them it is a complicated procedure to know how they exactly fit together.  The Grainger Society Archive has the majority of these pieces and in due course, we hope to be able to provide a more detailed listing giving all the possible scoring combinations.  In the meantime, the listing given here provides an overview of what is available and which we hope will be of some use to anyone interested in this yet to be fully explored aspect of Grainger's creativity.

If any reader knows about any other arrangements by Grainger not listed here, we would welcome this information and if possible copies of the scores/parts for inclusion in our ever-growing archive of music.

Barry Peter Ould
February, 2005

This listing at present supports limited publisher details.  A catalogue of works with full scoring details and publisher information will be posted to this website in the coming months.  In the meantime, all enquiries should be sent to the Percy Grainger Society, 2 George Street, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB54 8BT - or e-mail:

Since the introduction of the new USA copyright laws, many of Grainger's compositions have gone into the Public Domain in the USA.  Any work published before 1923 is now PD material in the USA.  This has led to a plethora of arrangements being issued by many different American music publishers.  Some of the major publishers e.g. Edwin F. Kalmus, Ludwig Music and Masters Music have published scores and material from the original publications and owing to the fact that in a few cases Grainger's music was not renewed at the Library of Congress has led to the publishing of such major works as "A Lincolnshire Posy" and The Warriors" amongst others by these companies.  Southern Music of Texas have issued a major series of Grainger's wind band music with Full Scores under the editorship of R. Mark Rogers in all cases going back to source material and correcting many of the mistakes that appeared in Grainger's scores when they were originally published in short score format.  Carl Fischer Inc., who originally published a number of Grainger's wind band works have also brought out new full score editions whilst G. Schirmer Inc., Grainger's original USA publisher have issued a few band works in arrangements as well as some new editions of works already in their catalogue.  Jensen Publications in association with R. Smith & Co. (UK) published some of the 'Chosen Gems for Winds' under the editorship of Keith Brion but, the series came to a halt due to copyright problems as some of the titles were owned by G. Schirmer in the USA and the UK publishers were unable to acquire the world rights which they wanted.  The remaining 'Chosen Gems for Winds' (all arrangements of other composers music by Grainger) are in the process of being issued by Bardic Edition and The Grainger Society and an announcement will be made when these become available.

Meanwhile, the copyright situation in Europe remains unaltered and Grainger is still and will continue to be in copyright until 1st January, 2032.  Australia has also recently extended their copyright duration to be in line with Europe i.e. 70 years after the death of the composer/author.  However, we are not certain at this moment how this will impact on the Grainger copyrights which were due to expire on 1/1/2012.

Abbreviations used :

Addinsell, Richard:
(arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1954
Warsaw Concerto (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) [Keith Prowse 1946]

Alford, Kenneth:
Colonel Bogey:
see Bridge on the River Kwai

Ad Cantum Laetitiae
(EGM) (arr. voices + winds or strings)
Alleluia Psallat
(EGM) (arr. 3 unmixed or 6 mixed voices + optional accompaniment (organ and/or strings and/or winds)) 1943/52
Alleluia Psallat (CHW) (arr. brass, clarinet or Saxophone trio or choir)
Alleluia Psallat (EGM) (arr. 3 descant recorders) 1947
Alleluia Psallat (EGM) (arr. 2 descant and 1 treble recorder) 1947
Alleluia Psallat (EGM) (arr. strings)
Angelus ad Virginem (EGM) (arr. 3 unmixed or 6 mixed voices + optional accompaniment (organ and/or strings and/or winds)) 1943/52
Angelus ad Virginem (CGW) (arr. brass, clarinet or Saxophone choirs) 1942
Angelus ad Virginem (EGM) (arr. 2 descant and 1 treble recorder) 1947
Angelus ad Virginem (EGM) (arr. piano solo) 1937
Angelus ad Virginem (CGW) (arr. wind band) 1942
Beata Viscera (EGM) (arr. 3 unmixed or 6 mixed voices or single low voice or chorus with optional organ or instruments) 1943
Beata Viscera (CGW) (arr. clarinet or Saxophone choir or woodwind and horn) 1943
Beata Viscera (EGM) (arr. 2 descant and 1 treble recorder) 1947
Beata Viscera (EGM) (arr. 3 descant recorders or 2 descant and 1 tenor recorder) 1947
Credo (EGM) (arr. 3 voices and optional woodwind or strings) 1934
Edi Beo Thu (EGM) (arr. 2 voices, wind or strings) 1939
Foweles in the Frith (EGM) (arr. 2 voices) 1933
Fulget Coelestis Curia (EGM) (arr. 3 voices, 3 violins and harmonium) 1936/50
Hac in Anni Janua (EGM) (arr. 3 part chorus) 1939
Hac in Anni Janua (EGM) (arr. 6 part strings) 1939
Jubilemus Omnes Una (EGM) (arr. chorus)
Marionette Douce (EGM) (arr. 4 part voices + optional accompaniment (organ and/or strings and/or winds)) 1950
Princesse of Youth (EGM) (arr. voices + harmonium, organ or accordion) 1937
Pro Beata Pauli - O Praeclara Patriae (EGM) (arr. 4 cellos or string orchestra) 1939
Puellare Gremium (EGM) (arr. 3 unmixed or 6 mixed voices + optional accompaniment (organ and/or strings and/or winds)) 1950
Puellare Gremium (EGM) (arr. full orchestra) 1934
Quis Tibi Christe Meritas (EGM) (arr. 2 violas and cello) 1934
Worcester Sanctus (EGM) (arr. 3 part unmixed or 6 part mixed chorus) [Key C] 1939
Worcester Sanctus (EGM) (arr. 3 part mixed or 3 part mens chorus (with male alto) [Key E flat] 1939

Arnold, Malcolm:
Bridge on the River Kwai Marches
(arr. 1 piano, 6 hands) 1959

Bach, J. S.:
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (arr. piano and strings) 1946
Fugue in C sharp minor (WTK Book 1/4) (arr. 6 Saxophones)
Fugue in A minor (WTK Book 1/20) (arr. 2 pianos, 8 hands (or massed pianos)) 1930
Fugue in A minor (WTK Book 1/20) (arr. piano solo)
Fugue in C major (WTK Book 1?/1) (arr. 2 harmoniums) 1927
Fugue in D sharp minor (WTK Book 2/8) (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1928
Fugue in E major (WTK Book 2/9) (arr. 4 pianos, octave study) 1928
Fugue in E major (WTK Book 2/9) (arr. 2 pianos, 8 hands) 1950
Fugue in E major (WTK Book 2/9) (arr. piano solo)
March in D (Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook) (CGW) (arr. Saxophone, clarinet, brass or wind choirs or wind band) 1946
O Mensch, Bewein Dein Sünde Gross (CGW) (arr. Saxophone, clarinet, brass or wind choirs or wind band) 1937/42
O Praise the Lord All Ye Heathens (arr. SATB chorus a cappella)
Prelude and Fugue I (CGW) (WTK Book 1) (arr. brass, Saxophones or wind)
Prelude and Fugue V (CGW) (WTK Book 2/5) (arr. string foursome) [Keys D and E] 1927
Prelude and Fugue V (CGW) (WTK Book 2/5) (arr. 4 part Saxophones) 1943
Sehet Was Die Liebe Thut (CGW) (Tenor aria from Cantata No. 85) (arr. harp and wind band) [Keys E flat and D flat) 1937
Toccata in F (arr. 3 pianos, 6 hands or massed pianos) 1939
Toccata and Fugue in D minor (arr. piano solo from transcriptions by Busoni and Tausig) 1950

Balakirev, Mily:
Tamara (arr. 2 pianos, 8 hands) [manuscript lost]

Bird, George:
Melody (harmonised by Grainger) [sketch] 1945

Brade, William:
Allemande (arr. for strings)

Brahms, Johannes:
Cradle Song (FS1) (transcribed for piano) 1923
Variation 12 [from Paganini Variations op. 35/2] (transcribed for piano - concert and simplified versions) 1957

Brockway, Howard:
Kentucky Rhapsody (miscellaneous sketches for 2 pianos, 4 hands of folksongs from Kentucky) 1945

Bull, Ole:
The Dairymaid’s Lament (arr. 2 violas and 2 cellos)

Byrd, William:
The Carman’s Whistle (arr. piano solo) 1942/7

Cabezon, Antonio de:
Prelude in the Dorian Mode (CGS) (arr. 2 violas, 2 cellos) 1934
Prelude in the Dorian Mode (CGS) (arr. string orchestra) 1939
Prelude in the Dorian Mode (CGW) (arr. wind band) 1941 [R. Smith & Co.]
Prelude in the Dorian Mode (CGW) (arr. Saxophone choir) 1943
Prelude in the Dorian Mode (CGS) (arr. string quartet or string orchestra) 1957

Cheatham, Kitty:
Harvest Song (arr. 4 part mixed voices, violin, harp (or piano), organ (or piano))

Chopin, Frederick:
Study op. 10/7 (arr. as a repetition note study for 2 pianos, 6 hands - 2nd pianist’s part only, single-stave part)

Corteccia, F.:
O Begli Anni Dell’Oro (O Glorious Golden Age) (arr. tenor voice, 2 violas, 2 cellos) 1934
O Begli Anni Dell’Oro (O Glorious Golden Age) (arr. voice and piano (harmonium)) 1934

Curtis-Burlin, Natalie:
Lullaby (arr. mixed voices + optional strings) 1934
Lullaby (CGS) (arr. string orchestra) 1934
Sangre de Cristo (Lenten Chant) (arr. orchestra) 1925
Matachina Dance (arr. orchestra) 1925
Zulu Love Song (from Songs and Tales of the Dark Continent) (arr. mixed voices)

Damett, Thomas:
Salva Porta Paradisi (EGM) (arr. 5 part mixed chorus)

Debussy, Claude:
Bruyères (Heather Bells) (arr. woodwind ensemble and harmonium) 1918 [scoring details available on request]
Pagodes (arr. Tuneful percussion and harmonium and four pianos) 1928 [Bardic Edition]

Delius, Frederick:
Air and Dance (arr. piano)
Dance Rhapsody No. 1
(arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1923
Song of the High Hills (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1923
Hassan (part of the ‘General Dance’ completed by PG)

Dowland, John:
Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part (FS3 UK/FS5 USA) (arr. piano solo concert version) 1937
Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part (FS4 UK/FS6 USA) (arr. piano solo simplified version) 1937

Dufay, Guillaume:
Le Jour S’endort (arr. voice, violin, viola (or cello) and cello) 1934
Le Jour S’endort (arr. voice and piano) 1934
Le Jour S’endort (CGS) (arr. string orchestra)

Dunstable, John:
O Rosa Bella (EGM) (arr. 4 mixed voices and 2 instruments or 6 mixed voices and optional accompaniment) 1963
Regina Coeli (EGM) (unfinished)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (EGM) (transcribed for 4 mixed voices or 4 part women, ad lib percussion and keyboard) 1939
Veni Sancte Spiritus (EGM) (arr. string orchestra) 1946

Elgar, Edward:
Nimrod (arr. piano) 1953

Fauré, Gabriele:
Après un Rêve op. 7/1 (FS7) (arr. piano) 1940
Funerary Chant (arr. brass ensemble incomplete) 1937
Piano Quartet No. 2 in G minor op. 45 (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) [Grainger only transcribed piano 2 part of first movement only]
Nell op. 18/1 (FS3) (arr. piano) 1925
Tuscan Serenade op. 3/2 (arr. piano and wind band) [R. Smith and Co.]

Ferrabosco, Alfonso:
Four Note Pavan (DC1) (arr. strings) 1944
Four Note Pavan (CGW) (arr. wind, brass or Saxophone choir) 1940

Finck, Heinrich:
O Schönes Weib (CGS) (arr. tenor voice and string trio) 1934/40

Franck, Cesar:
Chorale No. 2 (arr. for wind band) 1942

Gardiner, Balfour:
English Dance (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1925
Flowing Melody (sketches) 1946/51
Gardineriana Rhapsody (sketches) 1947
Joyful Homecoming (sketches) 1946
London Bridge (arr. 2 pianos, harmonium and tuneful percussion) 1935
Movement for Strings in C minor (elastic setting) 1949
Prelude “De Profundis” (GV1) (edited for piano) 1905/27 [Forsyth]

Gershwin, George:
Embraceable You (arr. 1 piano, 4 hands from Maurice C. Whitney’s piano solo paraphrase) 1951 [Bardic Edition]
Love Walked In (arr. piano) 1945
The Man I Love (concert adaptation of Gershwin’s own piano transcription) 1944
Porgy and Bess Fantasy (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1951
O Lord I’m on My Way (Porgy and Bess) (sketch) 1950
Oh, I Can’t Sit Down (Porgy and Bess) (arr. 1 piano, 6 hands) 1950

Goossens, Eugene:
Folk-Tune op. 38/1 (arr. wind band) 1942

Grainger, Ella:
Bigelow March of 1940 (arr. piano)
Crying for the Moon (arr. contralto voice and tuneful percussion harmonised and score by Grainger) 1946
Crying for the Moon (arr. contralto voice and piano harmonised and score by Grainger) 1946
Farewell to an Atoll (arr. voice and piano harmonised by Grainger) 1944
Farewell to an Atoll (arr. soprano voice, optional mixed chorus and orchestra harmonised by Grainger) 1945
Heartless (arr. mezzo soprano voice, mixed chorus and room music ad lib.) 1947/48
Honey-Pot Bee (arr. mezzo soprano and room music) 1947
Honey-Pot Bee (arr. voice and piano) 1948
Love at First Sight (arr. soprano, women’s chorus + optional baritone solo harmonised by Grainger) 1946
Love at First Sight (arr. soprano, mixed chorus harmonised by Grainger) 1946
Love at First Sight (arr. voice and piano (organ) harmonised by Grainger)
The Mermaid (arr. mezzo soprano and alto Saxophone) 1947
The Mermaid (arr. voice and piano) 1947
Playing on Heart Strings (arr. contralto and tenor solos, mixed chorus or women’s chorus) 1950
To Echo (arr. voice and 7 instruments scored by Grainger) 1945/46
To Echo (arr. voice and piano) 1945/46

Grieg, Edward:
Album for Male Voices op. 30 nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 12 (baritone solo and male chorus) [English words by Grainger) 1925
Four Psalms op. 74 (baritone solo and mixed chorus) [English words by Grainger] 1925
Knut Lurasen’s Halling II (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1921
Norwegian Bridal Procession op. 19/2 (edited and fingered by Grainger) 1920
Piano Concerto in A minor op. 16 (edited by Grainger for 2 pianos, 4 hands with orchestra transcribed for piano 2) 1920
Piano Concerto in A minor op. 16 (CT) (piano transcription of main themes and episodes of 1st movement) 1945
Symphony in E minor (sketch orchestration of first 9 bars of Sonata in E minor op. 7) 1944
Three Lyric Pieces Book 1 op. 12 nos. 2, 4 and 5 (arr. orchestra) 1898

Handel, Frederick:
Harmonious Blacksmith (sketch variations for voice or cello and piano) 1911 [see also ‘Variations’ in list of original compositions]
Hornpipe (FS2) (transcribed for piano) 1923/1926

Harris, Chas:
After the Ball Was Over (sketch for whistlers and strings) 1901

Jacobsen, Ole:
Little Ole With His Umbrella (Danish song arranged and harmonised for voice and piano with English words by Percy and Ella Grainger)

Jappart, Jean:
Nenciozza Mia (CGS) (arr. 2 violas, 2 cellos) [Low key F]
Nenciozza Mia (CGS) (arr. 4 violins or 2 violas, 2 cellos) [High key G]

Jenkins, John:
Fantasy No. 8 (arr. 3 recorders)
Fantasy No. 8 (arr. violin, viola and cello)
Five Part Fantasy No. 1 (DC2) (CGS) (arr. strings) 1944
Five Part Fantasy No. 1 (CGW) (arr. brass, clarinet or Saxophone choir or wind band) 1933/37/41/53

Le Jeune, Claude:
La Bel’Aronde (Pretty Swallow) (arr. 6 mixed voices)
La Bel’Aronde (Pretty Swallow) (CGW) (arr. brass, clarinet, Saxophone and wind choirs) 1942
La Bel’Aronde (Pretty Swallow) (arr. 2 harmoniums) 1932
La Bel’Aronde (Pretty Swallow) (arr.1 piano, 4 hands) 1932

Josquin (des Pres):
La Bernardina (CGS) (arr. violin, viola and cello) 1934
La Bernardina (CGS) (arr. 3 violins) 1934
La Bernardina (CGW) (brass or clarinet trio) 1943
La Bernardina (CGW) (arr. brass, wind ensembles or wind band) 1943
A L’Heure Que Je Vous (CGS) (arr. 2 violins, viola and cello) 1934
A L’Heure Que Je Vous (CGS) (arr. string ensemble) 1939
Royal Fanfare (CGW) (arr. brass choir) 1937

Lawes, William:
Six Part Fantasy and Air (DC3) (CGS) (arr. strings) 1944
Six Part Fantasy and Air (CGW) (arr. brass, clarinet or Saxophone choir or wind band) 1932/37/44
Six Part Fantasy and Air (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1932

Lineva, Eugenie:
The Flowers that Bloomed in the Field (edited for 4 mixed voices or choir) 1934
Kindling Wood (edited for 3 women’s voices or choir) 1934

Liszt, Franz:
Fantasy on Hungarian Folk-Songs (arr. piano and wind band)

Machaut, Guillame de:
Ballade No. 2 (arr. 2 voices)
Ballade No. 17 (arr. 3 part voices) 1934
Ballade No. 17 (CGS) (arr. strings)
Ballade No. 17 (CGW) (arr. brass, clarinet, Saxophone and wind choir or wind band) 1940/42
Rondeau No. 14 (CGS) (arr. 3 - 6 strings) 1935

Mason, Daniel Gregory:
Free and Easy Five Step (arr. Simmons for band) [sketch score]

Mohr, Halsey K.:
Liberty Bell (It’s time to ring again) (arr. Briegel for wind band/re-arranged by Grainger with bells, brass and voices) 1937

Morley, Thomas:
O Mistress Mine (arr. mixed chorus) 1903

Olsen, Spaare:
Mountain Norway (arr. mixed chorus and optional piano) 1931/32/34
Mountain Norway (arr. mixed chorus and orchestra) 1932
Mountain Norway (arr. strings and piano) 1932
Norwegian Folksongs (foreword and tranlastion by Grainger) 1946 [Norsk Musikforlaget]
When Yuletide Comes (arr. soprano, alto and men’s voice) 1937
When Yuletide Comes (arr. 3 Saxophones) 1943

Palestrina, Giuseppi da:
Mori Quasi Il Mio Coro (arr. 2 harmoniums)

Parker, Katherine:
Down Longford Way (arr. elastic scoring from 3 instruments up to full orchestra) 1936

Pisador, Diego:
Paseabase, The Moorish King (CGS) (voice, lute and 3 plucked strings with ad lib. piano) 1934
Paseabase, The Moorish King (arr. small orchestra) 1934

Power, Lyonel:
Anima Mea Liquefacta Est (EGM) (arr. mezzo soprano and 3 strings)
Sanctus (EGM) (arr. voice and 3 strings) 1934
Sanctus (EGM) (arr. 3 voices, optional strings and/or winds and /or keyboard) 1950

Purcell, Henry:
Four Part Fantasy No. 8 (arr. strings and harmonium or massed pianos and harmonium)

Rachmaninov, Sergei:
Laud Ye the Name of the Lord (arr. voices and harmonium - incomplete parts)
Piano Concerto No. 2 (CT) (transcription for piano solo of main themes and episodes of finale) 1946

Ravel, Maurice:
La Vallée des Cloches (arr. tuneful percussion and strings) 1944 [Bardic Edition]

Ross, Orvis:
Away in a Manger (arr. cello and piano)

Sandby, Herman:
Chant (or The Page’s Song) (arr. room-music) 1925
Elverhøj (song sketch) 1937
Intermezzo (arr. wind band)
Love Song (CGS) (arr. strings) 1939

Scarlatti, Domenico:
The Quiet Brook (CGS) (arr. string quartet) 1930
The Quiet Brook (CGW) (arr. clarinet choir) 1942
The Quiet Brook (CGS) (arr. string orchestra 4 and 10 part)

Schumann, Robert:
Piano Concerto (CT) (transcription for piano solo of main themes and episodes from 1st movement) 1947

Scmitt, Florent:
Fanfare from ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ (arr. 3 trumpets - incomplete?)

Scott, Cyril:
Handelian Rhapsody (transcription of material from Scott’s ‘Piano Sonata’) 1909
Three Symphonic Dances (arr. 2 pianos, 4 hands) 1922
Solemn Dance (arr. strings, harmonium, piano and percussion) 1933

Stanford, Charles Villiers:
Four Irish Dances (No. 1 A March Jig (Maguire’s Kick) - arr. piano solo)) 1916
Four Irish Dances (No. 2 A Slow Dance - arr. piano solo) 1916
Four Irish Dances (No. 3 The Leprechaun’s Dance - arr. piano solo) 1916
Four Irish Dances (No. 4 A Reel - arr. piano solo) 1916

Strauss, Richard:
Ramble on Love (FS4) (arr. piano solo of final duet from Der Rosenkavalier Act III) 1928

Stokem, Johannes:
Harraytre Amours (CGS) (arr. violin, viola and cello) 1934

Tchaikovsky, Peter:
Paraphrase on “Flower Waltz” (Nutcracker) (piano solo) 1905/16
Piano Concerto No. 1 (CT) (transcription for piano solo of 1st movement) 1943

Willaert, Adrian:
O Salutaris Hostia (CGW) (arr. 2 voices and 4 instruments) 1941
O Salutaris Hostia (CGW) (arr. brass, clarinet choir with or without voices) 1941