Music for Saxophone by Percy Grainger


I.  Saxophone and Piano


1. The Lonely Desert-Man Sees the Tents of the Happy Tribes                                     A

2. Molly of the Shore                                                                                                    A (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)

3. Spoon River arr. Cawkwell                                                                                       S/T


II. Saxophone and room-music


1. The Lonely Desert-Man Sees the Tents of the Happy Tribes                                     A + room-music*



III.  Saxophone Ensemble, arranged by Percy Grainger


1. Alleluia Psallat                                                          English Gothic Music                3-part

2. Angelus Ad Virginem (The Annunciation Carol)         English Gothic Music                SAA or SAATTBar(B) (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)

3. Fugue No. IV (Well Tempered Clavier)                    J. S. Bach                                 SATTBarB

4. Fugue No. VII (Well Tempered Clavier II)               J. S. Bach                                 SS(A)AbarB (reconstructed by Barry Peter Ould)

5. March (Anna Magdelena Songbook)                        J. S. Bach                                 SAATTBar(B) + (perc.)

6. O Mensch Bewein Dein Sunde Gross                       J. S. Bach                                 SSSSAATBarB

7. Prelude and Fugue I (Well Tempered Clavier)           J. S. Bach                                 SATTBarB

8. Prelude & Fugue No.V (Well Tempered Clavier)      J. S. Bach                                 SATBar

9. Beata Viscera (Thy Blessed Virgin)                           English Gothic Music                SATTBarB or any comb.

10. Prelude in a Dorian Mode                                       Antonio De Cabezon                SATBarB

11. La Bernardina                                                         Josquin Des Pres                      3-pt S(A)AT(Bar)

12. The Four Note Pavan                                             Alfonso Ferrabosco                  S(A)AAT(A)TBar(B)

13. The Immovable Do (Cyphering C)                          Percy Grainger                         SATTBarB

14. 5-Part Fantasy, No. 1                                             John Jenkins                             SS(AA)T(Mz)BarB

15. 6-Part Fantasy and Air, No. 1                                William Lawes                          SSAABarB or SSATBarBar

16. La Bel Aronde (Pretty Swallow)                             Claude Le Jeune                       SSAAATTBarBar

17. Lisbon (Dublin Bay)                                                Percy Grainger                         SAATBar (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)

18. Ballade No.17                                                        Guillaume De Machuat              SAA or TBarBar or SAATBarBar

19. When Yuletide Comes                                            Sparre  Olsen                           SAT (2 keys)

20. Ye Banks & Braes o’ Bonnie Doon                        British Folk-Music Setting         SAATTBarB + (Harm)


IV.  Saxophone Ensemble arranged by others


1. Australian Up-Country Song                                     arr. Cawkwell                           Sextet

2. Beautiful Fresh Flower                                              arr. Cawkwell                           Trio

3. Briggs Fair                                                                arr. Cawkwell                           Quintet

4. Country Gardens                                                      arr. Cawkwell                           Sextet

5. Danny Boy (Irish Tune from County Derry)               arr. W. Todenhoeft                   SATB

6. Died for Love                                                           arr. Cawkwell                           Quartet

7. Duke of Marlborough Fanfare                                   arr. Cawkwell                           Sax Choir

8. Irish Tune from County Derry                                   arr. Cohen                                Quintet (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)

9. Lincolnshire Posey (mvts. 1,2,6)                               arr. Cawkwell                           Quintet

10. Lisbon                                                                    arr. P. Cohen                            SAATB (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)

11. The Merry King                                                      arr. Krieger                              9-pt, piano & opt. harmonium

12. Mock Morris                                                          arr. Cawkwell                           Quintet

13. Molly on the Shore                                                 arr. Cawkwell                           Sax Choir

14. Shepherd’s Hey                                                      arr. Cawkwell                           Quintet

15. Shepherd’s Hey                                                      arr. Cohen                                Quintet (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)

16. Song of Vermeland                                                 arr. Cohen                                Quintet (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)

17. Spoon River                                                           arr. Cawkwell                           Quintet

18. Spoon River                                                           arr. Cohen                                Quintet (available from ‘To the Fore Publishers’ for USA only)


Grainger also used Saxophones in some of his orchestral scores.  A listing of these will be included here in due course.